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Forum Registry Terms of Service

We are not responsible for the content of the sites submitted, and are simply a portal/directory for their content.  We are not responsible for their content in any way.  If a site on our registry contains questionable or illegal content, please notify us through our contact page right away and we will deal with it immediately. 


We reserve the right to revoke the submission of a site at any point if it fails to follow our guidelines:

1) All content must be legal.

2) No submitted site may be a link farm or be bogged down with ads.

3) The content of the site must be meant to be useful, and not simply a means to draw traffic for click-through ads.

4) The content of the site must be relevant to it's listed topic.

All sites must follow these guidelines in order to be considered.  All submissions are carefully evaluated and are up to our discretion to include.  They must also follow our terms of service.


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